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Google has used a number of factors to affect your website’s rankings; the lesser known factors and ever changing criteria are why you need a company to help you stay on the front page.

The Uncertain Future of Google’s Arbitration of Truth

In 2015, Google announced it would judge websites based on the truthfulness of the content on the page, instead of using the number of incoming links as a proxy for quality. This in part penalizes spammers who publish links in comment sections to raise the number of links and punishes businesses who do guest blogging with a link to their websites in order to generate fresh content. (And content that doesn’t change, and a lack of fresh content, hurts you, too.)

How does Google determine the truthfulness of a website? They will use the Knowledge Vault and facts contained therein.  Business owners who do have potentially sensitive information like optometrist Calgary need to be careful they don’t put up information that could be harmful if misunderstood.   The more true facts your site has per the Knowledge Vault, the higher your website’s ranking. The more untrue facts your site has, per Google’s opinion, and your rankings go down. If your site has contradictory information, your site gets penalized.

Calgary SEO

This will impact the SEO strategy of your company.

You will want to work with a Calgary SEO company like to ensure that your ad copy doesn’t conflict with the legal disclaimers for your product. TTSEO being a qualified WordPress Experts an SEO firm can review your site to verify that the glowing reviews on the home page don’t contradict the product specifications on other pages. The use of fluffy descriptive language and generic ad copy probably won’t affect the search engine rankings of your site, though keyword stuffing is still penalized.

One of the interesting side effects of the “truthfulness” ratings based on Knowledge Vault’s opinion is the fact that Google wants to be an arbiter of truth. Will the political biases creeping into Wikipedia lead to Google deciding that those who contradict Wikipedia get penalized in search results?  What if you are an experienced Red Deer mortgage broker that needs to increase your ranking?  Will scientific papers on the possible causes of the global warming “pause” since 2000 get sidelined because Google decides it is not true? Nutritional information becomes a risky thing to put on your website at all.  For broader issues like this you need a company that offers digital marketing services that can help you navigate these issues.

SEO Is More Than Content Marketing:

For example, forty years of “cholesterol” is bad advice still posted on your site is contradicted by the February 2015 report that it isn’t as bad as we thought. Do you talk about the salt content of your product and health benefits of buying this product over your competitor’s? A 2014 study found that low salt diets pose a health risk. It isn’t clear that Google will lower the ratings of sites that say low sodium is better for you, but the risk that the Knowledge Vault will penalize your site for not reflecting the latest and greatest of contradictory scientific studies remains a serious one. And any fact repeated on your website that is contrary to majority public opinion or the politically incorrect one will hurt your website’s rankings. Discuss the content on your page with a SEO company to determine what facts you may want to remove or alter to avoid getting classified as a junk website.

Web Design Case Study

We all know that web design plays an important role as one of the search engine ranking factors. There have been numerous case studies around this topic. One of our case studies, “Calgary lawyer hires a web design company in Calgary ” showed just how much a website’s layout helps boost search engine ranking. The short story is – you need seo friendly webpages. Alternatively, you can consult with a small business IT support company.

No matter what your company sells or the views your blog contains, Google’s Knowledge Vault’s ranking of your site’s “truthiness” can affect your search rankings once this feature goes live.